Our Story

During the Covid pandemic, we wanted to make a product that is relaxing and calmming. So, our grade 9/10 culinary and baking class at Sir Guy Carleton SS (OCDSB) created a company with Junior Achievement Canada that makes scented, essential oil, soy wax balms and sachets. We are called daBALMM! In the middle image, you can see Stone Breaker Farm owner, Mike Steenbakkers. He was part of the inspiration for the apple in our logo design. He donated over 100 kilograms of apples to our business. We dried over 200 kg of apples, oranges and cranberries in order to craft our products! As we are students, we figured apples also represent growth and the seeds of knowledge. Our goal is to prove that high school students can create and run a successful business. Our culinary and baking teacher, Ms. Tatiana Vorobej, lent us support and mental well-being. She smelled a lot of daBALMM products along the way.;)


President : Ash
VP of Finance: Nate
VP of Marketing & Technology: Ashton & Hayden
VP of Sales & Packaging: Courtney & Lucy 
VP of Human Resources: Idan & Evan
VP of Corporate Social Responsibility: Lucas ,Idan
VP of Health and Safety:  Tyrell & William 
VP of Visual Social Media: Carter
Teacher Support: Theresa Dolan,Brenda Abbey, Mike Steenbakkers, Mr. Jamer, Mr.So & Tatiana Vorobej

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